About us

Across Australia and Southeast Asia

Studio Auntara builds bridges between Australia and its regional neighbours through arts and cultural activities for all kinds of people.


  • Translation and interpretation of art, cultural and literary texts from Indonesian to English
  • Creative production and project management
  • Exhibition and residency exchanges for artists, creative workers and educators between non-metropolitan Australia and Nusantara
  • Advocacy and training for artists and other cultural workers travelling between Nusantara and Australia


Studio Auntara aims to facilitate meaningful connections between artists, cultural workers and communities throughout Southeast Asia and Australia, through education, exchange and sharing. We achieve these goals by initiating new projects and linking existing organisations, individuals and communities through a diverse range of arts and cultural projects encompassing visual art, music, performance and literature.


We will enhance, amplify, extend and deepen the already vibrant role of people-to-people, community-to-community and culture-to-culture communication between Australia and Nusantara (the Indonesian archipelago and beyond). In doing so we will help to breakdown the stereotypes that keep us apart, oppose the East-West dichotomy and celebrate the importance and continuance of our diverse living cultures


Studio Auntara was principally founded by, and is managed by, Dr Elly Kent. Elly is an artist, writer, researcher, curator and translator. Elly has also worked in designing, implementing, managing and acquitting formal and informal arts and cultural programs in and between Australia and Indonesia since 2004. Studio Auntara provides a platform to expand, consolidate and grow the kind of people-to-people networks, relationships and projects that share and develop the best of our diverse living cultures.


Tlatah Bocah (Muntilan, Indonesia)

Scullin Cultural Precinct (ACT)

Scullin Community Group

Kedai Kebun Forum (Yogyakarta, Indonesia)

IAM Art Management (Yogyakarta, Indonesia)

Australian National Capital Artists (ANCA) Gallery (ACT)

Sanggar Bangun Budaya (Mt Merapi, Indonesia)

elly.kent (ACT; Yogyakarta & Jakarta, Indonesia)

CultureKitchenFoodLab (ACT; Timor L’Este; Yogyakarta & Jakarta, Bali, Indonesia)

Sekolah Gadjah Wong (Yogyakarta, Indonesia)

Let’s make something together.